How Quickly Can I Get My Dayton Property Rented? - Article Banner

Many new investors in Dayton are often curious about how quickly they can get their property rented. However, renting out a property is not a simple and straight-forward process and can take quite some time, especially if you’re managing it on your own. Typically, it may take anywhere between 30 to 60 days to get your Dayton property rented, depending on the location, amenities, neighborhood, your rent expectations, and your tenant screening process. 

Consequently, it is impossible to define a specific time limit within which you can expect your unit to be rented but you can accelerate the process with the help of some strategic activities.

Here are a few things you can do to get your Dayton property rented quickly.  

Set A Competitive Rent Price for Your Dayton Property

The price of your rental plays a significant role in determining how quickly you will find good tenants. As of February 2022, the average rent of a Dayton apartment is around $772. However, this price can change depending on the neighborhood and amenities of the property. 

Pay attention to the average rent charged in your neighborhood, and decide on a competitive and realistic rent accordingly. You should also consider the amenities, number of bedrooms, and square footage while deciding the rent.

The location of your rental plays a major role in attracting tenants. People want to live in a comfortable neighborhood that provides access to amenities like restaurants, parks, and malls. If your property is located in a neighborhood that has plenty of facilities, it can have a substantial impact on how fast it gets rented. 

Check The Condition of Your Dayton Property

First impressions matter. Tenants prefer a place that is visually appealing. As the rental owner, you need to ensure that your property is in optimal condition and has good curb appeal. It should be properly painted and be structurally sound. An inviting impression can attract potential renters, leading to a quicker response. You should also thoroughly check the overall maintenance of the unit along with any structural issues even during the vacancy period. Ensure that the rental is habitable and has all utilities in a functional condition.

Advertise and Market Your Dayton Rental 

Your property needs to be presented in the best light to attract potential tenants. This is where advertising and marketing can help you. Implement marketing strategies by listing your rental online, displaying flyers, and holding showings at the house. At ManCo Property Services, we make use of these strategies and more to advertise your Dayton rental across the right platforms and manage showings to attract and convert potential renters. 

Expedite The Tenant Screening Process

Before you show your rental to prospective tenants, it is better to ask them qualifying questions as a preventative measure. Once it is established that they are a match for you, screen them thoroughly. The screening process needs to include comprehensive credit checks, employment verification, and other background checks. This process can help you shortlist qualified applicants who are more likely to stay for a long term. However, you must ensure that the process doesn’t take too long so that you can rent your property quickly.

Hire A Professional Dayton Property Manager 

Hire Property ManagerIf this process sounds challenging to you, consider hiring a professional Dayton property management company for your property. If you already have one, you can completely entrust them with the responsibility of finding a tenant for you as early as possible. They can take over the process and help you find quality tenants. 

At ManCo Property Services, we deliver full-service rental management services to Dayton property owners and help them find the best tenants quickly with ease. With over three decades of rental management experience in Ohio, we know how to match your rental and tenants.

For any assistance regarding your rental properties in Dayton, reach out to us at ManCo Property Services.