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Finding the right tenant for your Dayton rental home is a challenging task and demands a thorough screening process. Having a structured and methodical tenant screening system helps you in finding the most suitable tenants for your home. The process is also vital to ensure the protection of the property owner, tenant, and neighbors by properly verifying the authenticity of the prospective tenant’s background.

To qualify potential renters you need to perform a rigorous screening. Here is how you can evaluate potential Dayton renters.

How to Qualify Potential Dayton Renters

The screening test must include a thorough check of information related to the potential tenant’s identity, eviction history, credit score, and criminal background. You can also run a background check on each of your shortlisted applicants.

  • Verify the identity

The best way to verify the legitimacy of your applicant is by asking them for their government-issued identification such as a driver’s license, passport, or military ID. Regardless of whether the applicant is someone you know, it is crucial to validate their identity. It can go a long way in determining the future tenancy of the potential renter.

  • Evaluate the financial stability

In addition to serving as a means of identification, a credit report reveals detailed information about the tenant’s credit history, employment information, loans, and payments. It also shows the current financial standing and the credit history of the past 7-10 years. It can help you identify if the renter can pay the security deposit and the monthly rent. It can also help you in determining if the candidate is bankrupt.

  • Check the tenant history

A tenant’s eviction history reveals objectionable behaviors, lease violations, or other reasons for evictions in the past. You can also ask the prospective tenants about their reason for deciding to move to a new Dayton rental property.

Other than that, you can also ask for the previous address information of the applicant. If the address history is consistent, the renter is qualified. However, frequent and unusual shifts give room to suspicion. You may consider disqualifying such tenants.

  • Examine the criminal records

Checking the criminal history of renters is essential for ensuring your safety, the security of your property, and the neighborhood. It will help you avoid renting thieves, forgers, smugglers, or hardcore criminals.
You can also check the tenant’s record for any civil judgments and tax liens. Failure of an effective criminal background check can drag you into lengthy and expensive legal battles.

  • Verify the source of income

A renter with a monthly income three times the rent you charge is more preferred over others. Asking about this will help you confirm if their means of earning are lawful and steady. It will give you an insight into the tenant’s ability to pay rent on time. You may contact the employer reference for proof of employment.

Evaluate other aspects

  • Pet preferences

Ask your potential renter if they plan on bringing a pet. It can help avoid issues in case you don’t allow pets in the rental unit. If you allow pets and limit their number, you should disclose that to the tenant as well. You should also be very clear about the pet policy that you expect the tenant to follow.

  • Smoking habits

Many Dayton landlords have a no-smoking policy in their rental units. Make it clear with your potential tenant about the policy or the zones in which they may be allowed to smoke, for example, outdoors or in the yard.

  • Tenant Screening Laws

As a Dayton landlord, you must be diligent in conducting a thorough screening process. You must also familiarize yourself with the tenant screening laws. Even though the tenant screening laws are similar throughout the United States, it differs in some states.

For example, if you are a landlord in Dayton, Ohio, you need to know that you can charge applicants any amount as a security deposit, as there is no set limit. In such a case, it becomes critical for you to verify whether the tenant can afford the amount you intend to charge.

Security depositExecuting a detailed verification process all by yourself can be an arduous task. A nonprofessional may find it challenging to gather all the necessary information in the course of screening. Professional Dayton property managers like those at ManCo Property Services can ease your job. If you require any assistance regarding the same, contact us at ManCo Property Services.