Dayton Rental Market Update 2021: Why Today is Right for Investing - Article Banner

This is an excellent time to invest in Dayton rental properties, and that may come as a surprise given the current economic climate and the lingering uncertainty around the pandemic. While it’s true that there have been some unique challenges to the real estate market over the last year, this means that there are some phenomenal opportunities waiting to be explored in 2021.

We think today is the right time to invest in real estate, especially in Dayton real estate. Here are a few reasons that support our theory.

Dayton Real Estate Trends

If you are unfamiliar with Dayton, Ohio and the real estate market here, you should do a little digging. You’ll like what you find. In 2019, Dayton was named the second best investment market in the country. That’s because entering the market is not cost-prohibitive. You can find a great investment property without going over budget. Our housing prices are reasonable, and investors can make acquisitions in a number of different neighborhoods and property classes.

Dayton Economic and Population Growth

Dayton’s population is growing, and over the last few years has increased by more than three percent every year. This is remarkable because many regions in Ohio and throughout the Midwest are actually losing population. Dayton has managed to keep people here and even attract new residents. With more and more people now working remotely, we can expect that affordable markets like Dayton will become even more attractive to people who are realizing they do not have to live in expensive cities in order to hold high paying jobs.

Local buyers and out-of-state investors who want to buy a rental home are in a good position. There is no shortage of highly qualified tenants in Dayton. The high quality of life in this area attracts renters, and so does the strong economy. Investors will always find a strong pool of potential residents for their properties.

Another good reason to invest now is that interest rates are lower than they have ever been, and they’re likely to remain affordable. Rents have not decreased a lot, even with the pandemic, and owners can expect to earn consistent income whether they buy a single-family Dayton home or a multi-family building or unit.

Demographics Support Dayton Rental Investments

The Dayton real estate market is not exempt from the shifting demographics in renters.

DemographicsMost Millennial tenants prefer to rent because they like the flexibility and the freedom that comes with avoiding homeownership, even as they move forward with their careers and begin raising families. There’s also an influx of active adults who are thinking about retirement. They prefer the low-maintenance lifestyle that comes with rental homes, and Dayton is an ideal place for retirees seeking great homes without moving too far from family, friends, and community.

Home values are also rising. The chaos of the economic climate that was caused by the pandemic may continue to send us some surprises throughout the end of the year and early in 2022, but as we get into the New Year, we expect the real estate market to be as strong as it has been these last 10 years.

The Dayton rental market will continue to perform well, bringing in consistent rental income and the potential for long term returns. If you’d like to talk about the opportunities available to you here in Dayton, please contact us at ManCo Property Services.