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Every landlord wants a responsible tenant to occupy their rental because a good tenant is an asset for the property. Good renters are proactive, maintain the house properly, clearly communicate their concerns and any needs for repairs, and avoid bugging the landlord for every minor grievance. No wonder Dayton landlords always prefer a good tenant. But what defines a good tenant and how can you become one?

In a nutshell, a good tenant is respectful, honest, and fulfills all their duties as a renter. They maintain the rental unit as if it were their own home and cooperate with the landlord when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Such individuals are beneficial for any property’s health in the long run. Being a good tenant can also help you strengthen your rental history and help you get better landlord references.

Here’s how you can become a good tenant and enjoy a hassle-free stay in your Dayton rental home.

1. Pay Rent on Time

A common reason for conflict between a landlord and a renter is the latter’s failure to pay rent on time. To be a good tenant, you must pay the rent on time and eliminate the need for the landlord to constantly having to remind you about the payment. Always choose a property you can afford to rent and avoid missing payments. Being professional can help you develop a strong relationship of trust and understanding with your Dayton property owner.

2. Look After Your Dayton Rental Home 

Property owners want their tenants to be responsible and maintain the rental on their own as well. However, renters are often negligent about the cleanliness and upkeep of the rental units if they have a very transactional attitude towards the place. If you want to be a good tenant, you need to make an effort to keep the house clean from the inside and outside.

Although owners accept normal wear and tear, make sure you keep it to a minimum and maintain the property in an optimal condition. These include maintaining appliances, changing smoke detector batteries, and checking other minor issues that fall under tenant maintenance responsibilities in the lease.

3. Follow The Terms of The Lease

Breaking the lease is one of the top reasons for tenant evictions and good tenants do everything to avoid that. In the lease, you will find detailed terms on what you are allowed to do in the rental. Ensure that you uphold the rules in the lease regarding pets, smoking prohibitions, or noise limits. 

4. Report Maintenance Issues Promptly

Maintenance issues of different severity levels are seen in every house. Even if the issue seems minor at first, it can escalate to a huge hazard resulting in heavy expenses. Therefore, as a good tenant, you need to keep your landlord in the loop about any small changes you may see in the unit, like a crack in the walls or tiles, leakages, or cracks in the foundation. You can bring issues promptly to their attention by submitting a written or online maintenance request as soon as a problem is detected. 

5. Focus On Effective Communication

The most important trait of a good tenant is that they openly communicate their issues with the landlord to avoid any discrepancies in the future. It also helps in arriving at a solution quickly. Therefore, you need to focus on being honest about your expectations and experience with the property owner.

6. Get Renter’s Insurance

insurance policyRenter’s insurance can help you cover the cost of your damage or replacement of your possessions in case of theft or damage to your rental unit. It can significantly minimize the financial impact on the Dayton property owner. Several Dayton landlords require you to have renter’s insurance. In case they don’t, make sure that you have one in place to protect your assets from potential damage. 

The above traits of good tenants help in ensuring a tension-free tenancy and pave the way for a positive landlord-tenant relationship. We, at ManCo Property Services, provide comprehensive screening services for rental owners to find good tenants. We also help our tenants find their choice of home and provide a pleasant rental experience.

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