What are the Benefits of Rent to Home?

  • Investors who participate in the Rent To Home program have a higher likelihood of a tenant/purchaser (pre-purchase buyer) closing the sale.
  • The seller incurs less risk because Rent to Home pre-qualifies and coaches potential buyers.
  • Investors realize an accelerated lease-purchase period which means greater liquidity and a reduction in exposure to market changes.
  • The price of the home is at the upper end of the sales market, with no credit for pre-paid rent, offering investors a greater return on investment.
  • Since potential homeowners tend to take better care of the property, repair costs are reduced.
  • Rent To Home markets the property and once a homeowner candidate is selected, facilitates the leasing and closing process.
  • The program focuses on homes and buyers who qualify for FHA financing. This provides potential buyers with peace of mind that the home must pass inspection and appraisal for the sale price.
  • Homeownership increases neighborhood housing values, so surrounding properties and the neighborhoods will benefit.
  • Every sale generates goodwill by neighboring homeowners and tenants, homeowners associations, and local government.