Home Ownership Made Easy!

  • Rent to Home is a part of ManCo Property Services that provides a unique opportunity to make homeownership a reality for those who need a little help qualifying for a home loan.
  • The Rent to Home Program is for qualified individuals who are motivated and willing to work quickly to reach their goals of homeownership.
  • The Rent to Home Program is a coaching program designed to ensure selected participants successfully proceed to regular home loan financing in 6-9 months by working closely and transparently with a Rent to Home Coach.
  • Participants in the Rent to Home Program are called Pre-purchase Buyers. A Pre-purchase Buyer moves into the home now that they are going to purchase in the very near future.
  • Rent to Home looks for properties that real estate professionals feel will grow in value, and will become strong future financial investments. Rent to Home properties have been completely updated with new finishes and whenever possible new mechanics.
  • Rent to Home is a win-win for its investor clients, the community, and Pre-purchase Buyers who will soon become homeowners.