What is Rent to Home for Investors?

Rent To Home is an accelerated lease-purchase program that transforms tenants into homeowners and gives property owners a return on their investment faster and more reliably. The goal of the program is for the tenant/purchaser, known as a “pre-purchase buyer” in the Rent to Home homeownership program, to buy your investment property within six to nine months.

By investing through the Rent To Home program much of the work required for the investor is done for you. A pro forma will be prepared for you that details income, expense and gross profit potential for your investment property.

ManCo Property Services oversees the repair and rehabilitation of properties to meet program standards in order for the pre-purchase buyer to qualify for an FHA loan.

Potential home buyers “pre-purchase buyers” are solicited and screened with two different reporting agencies for both credit worthiness and tenant suitability. As necessary, counseling is provided to repair credit issues in order them to qualify for a home loan in 6-9 months or less.

By using this proven method, Rent To Home provides access to more potential buyers and maximizes the closure rate.