How Does Rent to Home Work?

  1. The end value/selling price of the home is determined by means of a third-party valuation.
  2. The investor receives a quote on the cost to repair and improve the investment property for optimal profit.
  3. The investor is provided with a pro forma detailing income, expense and gross profit potential.
  4. The investor enters into an agreement with ManCo Property Services and Rent to Home.
  5. ManCo Property Services supervises the rehab process required to bring the property to FHA standards.
  6. The property is marketed to potential – and qualified – buyers.
  7. Applicants for the program are screened through third party reporting agencies.
  8. Once a candidate signs the lease-purchase contract, the investor begins to collect rent.
  9. ManCo Property Services manages the tenant and home through the accelerated six- to nine-month pre-purchase period.
  10. After candidates qualify for a loan, Rent to Home facilitates the closing process, including appraising the property, setting a closing date and closing on the property.

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