Most typical lease purchase, rent to own, and land contract options are very risky business for the buyer.

They offer no improvement to your credit or personal finances and can take years. These types of options are usually owner financed and do not secure a home loan through traditional or regular bank financing. They typically require an up-front fee, a large option fee, and/or a 2-10% down payment before you can move into the home.

Many lease purchase, rent to own, and land contracts are scams and don’t have your interest at heart. All you have to do is violate some part of the contract — a late payment or some kind of maintenance obligation — and the owner can say the contract is violated, and any money that you paid is lost.

How Rent to Home Is Different. We Want You To Succeed!

  • The Rent to Home Program utilizes professional services such as credit repair, Real Estate professionals, traditional mortgage lenders, banking partners, and education programs to secure you with a regular bank financed home loan. This can often lead to improved personal finances and a higher credit score.
  • The homes available through Rent to Home are owned by investors whose intentions are to fix them up and have them sold in 6-9 months. They do not offer personal or owner financing, collect large up-front fees, or option fees. They know by making their home available to a Pre-purchase Buyer in the Rent to Home Program their house will sell.
  • With the Rent to Home Program there is no up-front fee, option fee, or down payment needed to move into a Rent to Home property as a Pre-purchase Buyer. Pre-purchase Buyers rent the home they are going to buy, at fair market value, while working with a Rent to Home Coach to qualify for a regular home loan in 6-9 months.