What Makes Rent to Home Unique?

  • ACCELERATED CLOSE – The goal of the program is to close the sale of your property in six to nine months after the pre-purchase buyer signs the lease purchase contract.
  • INCOME STREAM – Collect rent while pre-purchase buyers are working towards qualifying
    for financing.
  • SCREENING – Pre-purchase buyers are screened for both credit and rental history.
  • CREDIT REPAIR – Credit coaching and credit monitoring is provided by Rent to Home, free of charge to pre-purchase buyers, to help them clear up items on their credit report that are preventing them from qualifying for FHA financing, ensure your prospective buyer is in a position to close on the home.
  • SECURE FINANCING – Rent to Home helps potential buyers secure FHA financing. Most typical lease purchase, rent to own, and land contract options are owner financed and do not secure a home loan through traditional or regular bank financing.