Rent to Home Helps You To Achieve Your Goal Of Home Ownership In 4 Steps and 6-9 Months!

  1. Get Pre-qualified
  2. Apply. Become a Pre-purchase Candidate
  3. Become a Pre-purchase Buyer and move into your home now
  4. Home Ownership!

Get Pre-qualified

– 1 Day
We want to know what is currently preventing you from qualifying for a regular home loan, if we feel you can qualify in 6-9 months by participating in the Rent to Home Program we will contact you within 1 business day.
Fill out the pre-qualification form here.

Become a Pre-purchase Candidate

2 – 4 Weeks
If you meet our pre-qualifications, we will contact you to schedule a showing of a Rent to Home’ Property and provide you with the Rent to Home Program full application.

After submitting the full application a Rent to Home Intake Coordinator will contact you within 1-2 business days to recommend specific steps you can take immediately to demonstrate you are the best candidate to become a Pre-purchase Buyer. These steps may include things like opening a savings account, signing-up for a secure credit card, or signing-up for credit repair.

The Rent to Home Program is competitive. We are looking for the best candidate to move into a Rent to Home now, that will qualify for a regular home loan and purchase the property in 6-9 months. During the Pre-purchase Candidacy stage it is important to complete the steps suggested by the Rent to Home Intake Coordinator as quickly as possible.

Only 5 Pre-purchase Candidate applications will be considered at a time. The candidate that demonstrates their motivation and willingness to complete the Rent to Home program as quickly as possible will be the one chosen to become the Pre-purchase Buyer and moved into the Rent to Home.

Become a Pre-purchase Buyer and move into your home

– 6 months
If you become the Pre-purchase Buyer you will sign a 6 month lease and move into the home now that you are going to buy later. During this time you’ll be paired with a Rent to Home Coach who will personally work with you until you obtain your regular home loan. Your program will involve such things as credit repair, Real Estate professionals, mortgage professionals, banking partners and homeownership education courses. Your Rent to Home Coach will support your actions and give you the confidence to push ahead, even when it seems tough. Rent to Home will be there to ensure you have every chance for success, and we want you to succeed in your goal of homeownership!

Become A Home Owner!

1-3 months
At the end of your Rent to Home Program you will be qualified for a regular home loan and purchase the Rent to Home you have already been living in!