Rent to Home Program

Is a coaching program designed to ensure selected participants who are highly motivated and action oriented become Pre-purchase Buyers who will move into a home now and successfully proceed to regular home loan financing in 6-9 months or less by working closely and transparently with a Rent to Home Coach.

Pre-purchase Buyer

Participants in the Rent to Home Program are called Pre-purchase Buyers. A Pre-purchase Buyer moves into the home now, renting it with a special 6 month lease, that they are going to purchase with regular home loan financing in the very near future, 6-9 months later.

Pre-purchase Candidate

Once your application is accepted you become a Pre-purchase Candidate. We accept up to 5 applications per Rent to Home Property at a time. Pre-purchase Candidates will be contacted by a Rent to Home Intake Coordinator who will give you steps to follow immediately to ensure you become the Pre-purchase Buyer. The candidacy phase will not be longer than 4 weeks meaning if the task the Rent to Home Coordinator suggest are not completed as quickly as possible and in no more than 4 weeks, will accept a different applicant as a Pre-purchase buyer. The Rent to Home Program is a competitive program where we are looking to place a the best Pre-purchases Buyers into a Rent to Home Property that will be able to purchase the Rent to Home as quickly as possible. If a Pre-purchase Candidate completes the steps outlined by the Intake Coordinator but is not the first candidate to do so for a specific Rent to Home property, they will be ready for the next available Rent to Home Property if they so choose.

Intake Coordinator

The Rent to Home Intake Coordinator reviews your full application, credit report, and financial history to assess your potential of achieving regular home loan financing before you are accepted into the Rent to Home program. They contact you 1-2 business days after reviewing your application to identify what actions you can take immediately to demonstrate you are a motivated, action oriented, homebuyer that we can place in a Rent to Home as a Pre-purchase Buyer and trust that you can achieve regular home loan financing in 6-9 months by proceeding in the Rent to Home Program with the guidance and support of a Rent to Home Coach.

Rent to Home Coach

A Rent to Home Coach will help you achieve your dream of homeownership. They identify what is preventing you from acquiring regular home loan now, and tailor a step by step program unique to your situation in order for you to achieve regular home loan financing in 6-9 months. They coach you through the complexities of credit, financing and managing your personal finances by partnering with organizations who have your best interest at heart and share your goal of homeownership. As a team, we can make it happen.

Rent to Home Properties

The homes available for purchase through the Rent to Home Program. The location of these homes have been carefully considered with the help of our Real Estate partners. We look for homes that Real Estate professionals feel will grow in value and become strong future financial investments. Approved Rent to Home’ properties have been updated with new finishes and whenever possible new mechanics by our partners at BreakAway.

Regular Home Loan Financing

Regular home loan financing is a bank financed mortgage loan that is either a conventional, FHA, or VA loan. Rent to Home and its mortgage lending partners will determine which type of loan is best for your situation now and in the future for you to maintain successful homeownership.

Owner Financed Home Loan

The type of loan typical rent to owner, lease/purchase and land contract deals use. This is not what Rent to Home uses. A mortgage loan that is seller/owner financed. This can be a risky mortgage option for buyers and often a high risk to both the buyer and seller. Owner financed home loan agreement contracts are often written to favor the seller and do not have to adhere to mortgage underwriting and appraisal standards. The seller may not report to the credit bureaus, meaning timely payments do not improve a buyer’s credit score.The buyer often pays a premium price for the home, and almost always pays a higher interest rate then they would have with a regular bank financed home loan. Buyers also often pay large up front and lease to purchase fees that can be lost if the contract is violated or if the seller decides not to sell the property.