Rent to Home

Rent to Home™ is a win-win for its investor clients, the community, and Pre-purchase Buyers who will soon become homeowners.

For Pre-purchase Buyers:

Rent to Home™ provides a unique opportunity to make homeownership a reality for those who need a little help qualifying for a home loan. Qualified individuals who are motivated and willing to work quickly to reach their goals of homeownership move into the home now as renters, also known as pre-purchase buyers, that they are going to purchase in the very near future with the help of a Rent to Home™ coach. Rent to Home™ coaches work closely a and transparently with pre-purchases buyers to ensure selected participants successfully proceed to regular home loan financing in 6-9 months. Rent to Home™ looks for properties that real estate professionals feel will grow in value, and will become strong future financial investments. Rent to Home™ properties have been completely updated with new finishes and whenever possible new mechanics. For more info click here.

For Investors

Rent To Home is an accelerated lease-purchase program that transforms tenants into homeowners and gives property owners a return on their investment faster and more reliably. The goal of the program is for the tenant/purchaser, known as a “pre-purchase buyer” in the Rent to Home™ homeownership program, to buy your investment property within six to nine months. For more information click here.